Saturday, June 1, 2013

Good Bye Assam

Time has come to leave Assam. It was long innings of 11 years in Assam. 7 years during my first tenure and 4 years in the current tenure. I just look back. I came to Assam in 1982, September empty handed.(physically and mentally I was a zero). Assam is everything for me. It has given me more than I deserve.
After joining ONGC in Assam, my Bank Balance started rising. I was knowing Tamil and English only when I joined here. Assam taught me Hindi, our National Language.
During my first tenure , I got married and both of my children were born during my stay in Assam.
In 1984, there was an International Seminar on Oil Well technology conducted by Regional Reasearch Lab, Jorhat. I approached Mr. W.M.Mahajan, then Head of Production Department for participating in the seminar. To my surprise he told me that I should present a paper in the seminar. I accepted the challenge and presented my first paper on " Computers in Drilling Technology".
In 1985, I was selected to represent Assam State in National B chess which was held at Mumbai.
In 1988, I was also in the team lead by Shri Jamestin, now Dir(HR), in making the first computer presentation on big screen. The computer presentation was appreciated by one and all and the whole team was awarded by Shri P.K.Chandra, then Vice Chairman, ONGC.
Thus, ASSAM has given me everything - Money, Knowlege, promtions, social status and what not.
I feel for Assam more than my mother land.
Good bye my mother, I'll be with my family members whenever possible.

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